des moines heating and coolingDes Moines heating and cooling tips for your home

A house really isn’t a home without the cool comfort of a dependable heating and cooling system! Dorrian Heating & Cooling is a Des Moines heating and cooling business who specializes in system maintenance, repair work, replacement and new setups! We service any make or model of equipment.

More Than the SEER

The efficiency of an air conditioner is determined by a Seasonal Energy Effectiveness Ratio (SEER) rating. A 19 SEER air conditioner is more reliable than a 13 SEER design. The most crucial part of a home indoor comfort system is the real design and installation.

Quality Counts

Air conditioners and heat pumps are all electrical devices that compress refrigerant. Modern devices are not only quieter than air conditioners of old, they are also increasingly much more effective.

Air Conditioner Install

You’re going to hear us convey this a lot whether you’re searching our site, or talking to us in person: the design and install of your comfort system is critical to efficiency, performance and dependability. You can buy the finest equipment available, but if the install is botched and/or sized improperly, you might end up wasting a great deal of cash. We get the job done right and we meet your time table.

A/C Upkeep

Whether your air conditioning system is shiny new or has a few years on it, one thing stays the same, and that’s the need for scheduled maintenance. Compare it to health: exactly what if today you gave up consuming anything healthy and changed to chips and cup cakes for every dish â would you pass away tomorrow?

Ductless Heating and cooling

Ductless heating and cooling has actually ended up being very popular across the country, and we’re proud to provide this as an option for your home or business! Also known as a mini-split, a ductless A/C unit still sits outside the house and links to a ductless air handler mounted on a wall inside. Ductless systems deliver reliable performance and quiet operation to any home.

Ductless Air Conditioning

We keep you cool with a range of cooling services that are top-quality in nature. We like assisting customers who want to transfer to more efficient, more full cooling solutions, and we install quality equipment from leading manufacturers.

Thanks for considering Dorrian Heating and Cooling for your home comfort needs. We can’t wait to boost the quality of your indoor comfort with extraordinary AC repair, maintenance and installation service! Call us today